Tai Kamiya

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Biography Edit


Tai was trying his hardest to ride a bike four years before becoming a Digidestined as revealed in The Piximon Cometh. In My Sister's Keeper, Tai explained to Izzy that around that age, his sister Kari was sick but he took her out to play soccer anyway. This resulted in her getting pneumonia that ended her up in the hospital and nearly killed her. When she was well enough to rest off the rest of her cold at home, Kari apologized to Tai when he felt the need for it to be the other way around. Also four years before the series was set to begin, Tai met Botamon who sacrificed himself to protect him and Kari from Parrotmon as Greymon. That is how all eight main kids became Digidestined.

Season 1 Edit

The Devimon Saga Edit

In And So It Begins..., Tai was with six other kids at a summer camp when a sudden snowstorm hit. When the storm was over,

The Etemon Saga Edit

The Myotismon Saga Edit

The Dark Masters Saga Edit

The Apocalymon Saga Edit

Season 2 Edit

Partner Edit



  • The Etemon Saga has more focus on Tai than the other Season 1 Sagas.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Tai's behavior is a lot like that of Ash Ketchum, May and Clemont in Pokémon

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