Episode title is the 43rd episode in the series.

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Recap of Under Pressure Edit

When MetalSeadramon had the kids at his mercy, they were almost killed. Fortunately Whamon swallowed them and took them to safety. When the Divermon followed them, Whamon saved the DigiDestined by leading them deep into the ocean where the flunkies didn't stand a chance. As soon as they arrived on the surface though, MetalSeadramon attacked!

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Just as MetalSeadramon was about to finish off WarGreymon, Whamon saved him by headbutting the Dark Master who then shot his River of Power at the friendly whale. WarGreymon then attacked MetalSeadramon from the inside out, killing him! In his dying breath, Whamon urged the DigiDestined to stop the other three Dark Masters. After Whamon and MetalSeadramon died, the ocean vanished. Witnessing this, Puppetmon decided to step in and attack in MetalSeadramon's place.

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Piedmon: "Well, there's something you don't 'sea' every day."

Puppetmon: "Looks like I'm up.  MetalSeadramon is out, and Puppetmon, in."

Puppetmon is about to set off to succeed where MetalSeadramon failed.

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