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Biography Edit

Debut: Evil Shows His Face

The Devimon SagaEdit

In Evil Shows His Face, Ogremon and Leomon were sent by Devimon to kill the DigiDestined. Devimon promised to let Ogremon kill Leomon when he outlived his usefulness to the evil Digimon. Orgemon was also the only Digimon who was willingly loyal to Devimon. At the end of Digi-Baby Boom, Ogremon was sent by Devimon to ambush T.K. and Patamon. When Devimon was defeated, in The Legend of the DigiDestined, Orgemon and Leomon resumed their rivalry a little more peacefully.

The Dark Masters SagaEdit

In Etemon's Comeback Tour, Ogremon was attacked by some Woodmon in Puppetmon's forest. Luckily, Mimi, Palmon, Joe and Gomamon found him and nursed him back to health after being urged by Mimi herself to do so. Touched by their kindness in spite of his cruelty, Orgemon repented and somewhat joined the two DigiDestined. But then, Puppetmon appeared yet was distracted in a fight with MetalEtemon who appeared to destroy the kids. In Ogremon's Honor, the gang was saved by Leomon who could digivolve to SaberLeomon thanks to numerous exposures to their Digivices. At the diner from WereGarurumon's Diner, MetalEtemon came back with Ogremon trying to help save the kids, feeling really upset after Leomon sacrificed himself to save Mimi. Although he and Leomon worked out their rivalry, Ogremon warned Mimi and Joe that the Dark Masters destroyed Primary Village meaning they needed to be stopped if the dead Digimon were to ever be reborn again. This was proven true in Joe's Battle as he and Mimi found the village in ruins. In Piedmon's Last Jest, Ogremon, who was fully recovered, helped to fight the Vilemon which resulted in the defeat of the clown himself. In The Fate of Two Worlds, Ogremon left to renew his rivalry with Leomon.

The MaloMyotismon Saga Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

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