My Sister's Keeper is the 48th episode in the series.

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Kari falls seriously ill. Desperate to nurse her back to health, Tai leaves Sora and T.K. to care for her and brings Izzy to help him find some medicine only to fall under attack by Machinedramon and his goons!

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As Leomon saved Mimi, Joe and Ogremon, from MetalEtemon, they also ran into Omataomon and Gekomon who where hiding from the Dark Masters. Meanwhile, the others were having trouble with Puppetmon until Matt and MetalGarurumon saved them and wiped the evil puppet out. Back with the others, Leomon took a deadly hit for Mimi. Angered, Joe digivovled Gomamon to Zudomon who used Vulcan's Hammer to dent MetalEtemon long enough to let Leomon finish him off! As the friendly lion died, Ogremon revealed that Primary Village was decimated and will not be restored until all four Dark Masters are defeated!

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Izzy: "It's all my fault. I've been giving away our location every time I logged on with my computer. How could I have not thought of that before?"

Tai (Lividly and grabbing Izzy): "GOOD QUESTION! Now we're stuck here! Meanwhile, Kari's getting sicker and sicker, because of YOU!"

- Tai is furiously frustrated with Izzy for endangering the duo and their partners while his sister's life could be at stake from an illness.

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  • Debut of Hagurumon, Tankmon, Megadramon and Gigadramon
  • Tai's worst memory is revealed
  • Matt, Mimi and Joe do not appear in this episode though Tai and Izzy do mention Joe.


Tai's Biggest Regret - Digimon Adventure 01

Tai's Biggest Regret - Digimon Adventure 01