Episode title is the 50th episode in the series.

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Recap of The Crest of Light Edit

After Machinedramon attacked the Digidestined, T.K. and the girls were separated from Tai and Izzy. As they went searching for them, they saw WaruMonzaemon enslaving the Numemon whom Kari helped free with this strange light. On Tai and Izzy's side, Andromon appeared and helped fight against Machinedramon who chased the boys into the others. As the Numemon tried to face the metallic Dark Master, they were slaughtered with ease! Then, Agumon became WarGreymon and wiped out the nasty metal terminator Digimon. Now, it's time to face Piedmon. Can the Digidestined do it? How are Mimi and Joe faring on finding allies and most importantly, where is Matt? Stay tuned for all the answers.

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While gathering allies, Mimi, Joe, Ogremon and the other allies noticed Machinedramon's city vanishing. Gomamon realized that Tai and the others defeated the evil metal mutant which told Palmon that there was only one Dark Master left. Ogremon told them that Piedmon, the only remaining Dark Master, was still out there and more powerful than the others. In agreement, Joe and the others pressed on to find more comrades.

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  • Debut of LadyDevimon
  • This is the second and final Season 1 episode to have the name of a DigiDestined in the title. The first is Sora's Crest of Love.
  • Matt only appears as a cameo in this one.
  • Elecmon joins the fight against Piedmon.